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the Practice of Witchcraft Today, by Robin Skelton

the Practice of Witchcraft Today, by Robin Skelton

Softcover, 214 Pages

From Citadel Press:

In this look at contemporary Wiccan practices, Robin Skelton shows clearly the presence of the magic of Wicca in all of us and introduces us to the world of the "Old Religion."

In this practical introduction, Robin Skelton answers the questions that are most often asked of witches and explains the basic beliefs of witchcraft. The second part of the book discusses in detail the rituals and celebrations of the festivals of the year and the rites of initiation, passage, and naming, among others. Part three is a comprehensive compendium dealing with Verbal Magic for love spells, blessings, banishings, bidding, and binding; Talismanic Magic for protection, good health, good fortune; and Protective Eye and Hand Magic for general healing.

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