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the Ancient Orishas, by Jade Asikiwe

the Ancient Orishas, by Jade Asikiwe

Softcover, 166 Pages

(Self-Published) From the Author:

Make no mistake, the sacred knowledge and energy of our ancestors thrives today. Keep reading to find out more…

Are you constantly fascinated by the spirituality of indigenous tribes, finding yourself engulfed by the beauty of worlds no longer alive in the Western sphere?


Maybe you have this calling from within that you just can’t ignore anymore — something screaming that there is more out there than meets the eye?


Or perhaps you just love studying the complexity of human diversity and want to know more about the different ways people choose to live around the world?


Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure: everything you think you know about what it means to be human is just the tip of the iceberg.


Cultures all over the world exemplify aspects of human nature that you might never have otherwise known about.


But when you take the time to dive into these ‘long lost’ ideologies, you discover an unparalleled beauty capable of igniting a fire within your soul as you’ve never seen before.


The Yoruba people happily provide such valuable insight to any who are seeking, and it is one of the few African cultures left today that has endured the test of time and continues to thrive.


In a world that feels so overwhelming, this insight into a much more relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle could change everything for you.


With an understanding of Yoruba worship, ceremony, and tradition, it will empower your outlook on life and provide you with a new realm of possibility.


In The Ancient Orishas, you’ll discover:



    • A brief history of the Yoruba people, providing a glimpse of the power behind their religious outlooks


    • Why the Yoruba believe in one supreme being — and how this has helped their belief system to survive through the ages


    • Why each natural force in this world is thought to have a spirit living within it, and how this shapes the daily lives of the Yoruba people


    • The powerful life lessons embodied along the paths of the 7 great Orishas


    • How the Yoruba honor the feminine and why this is beneficial to their overall way of life


    • The most powerful ways the Orisha can help change your life starting today


    • How you can connect with the Orisha, gaining clarity and insight for your life and the individual path forward


    … and much more!


    You don't have to travel the 7 seas to experience the culture of different lands.


    You also don't have to continue believing and living the way you are told to within your current environment.


    The profound and life-altering spiritual power of the Yoruba people is something you can tap into from anywhere, anytime.


    Stop ignoring what your soul already knows you need to do.


    Embrace the beauty of worlds yet unseen, and allow your soul to blossom into everything it is meant to become.

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