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Sefer Yeroch Ruachot

Sefer Yeroch Ruachot

by G. de Laval


A third, previously unpublished Shem ha Mephorash system. Whereas the original Shem ha Mephorash was considered by those who hold it sacred to be The Explicit Name of [יהוה], the Yeroch Ruachot are a complex cipher whose solution invokes and illustrates not the mysteries of the Tetragrammaton but those of said Deity’s cosmic antagonist. The 27 spirits therein are again subject to all the same techniques of contemplation and praxis. Furthermore, the book goes very deeply into these spirits, illuminating them under the lamp of Lunar-based witchcraft, with a specific focus on this discipline from the perspective of baleful, venomous femininity. In this sense the grimoire outlines a complete and coherent system of ritual and mystical Satanism from the point of view of Shaktism or focus on the aspect of esoteric Darkness as an essentially feminine Power, placing the magician as a supplicant and worshiper at the feet of that Power.


339 pages

Black Italian linen bound hardcover with gold foil stamping

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