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Roots, Branches & Spirits, by H. Byron Ballard

Roots, Branches & Spirits, by H. Byron Ballard

Softcover, 224 Pages

From Llewellyn:

Natural Magic and Folkways from Those Who Call the Blue Ridge Mountains Home

The southern Appalachians are rich in folk magic and witchery. This book explores the region's customs and traditions for magical healing, luck, prosperity, scrying, and more. Author H. Byron Ballard—known as the village witch of Asheville—teaches you about the old ways and why they work, from dowsing to communicating with spirits.

Learn the deeper meaning of haint blue doors, magic hands for finding, and medicinal herbs and plants. Discover tips for creating tinctures and salves, attuning to the phases of the moon, interpreting omens, and other folkways passed down through the generations. Part cultural journey and part magical guide, this book uncovers the authentic traditions of one of North America's most spiritually vibrant regions

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