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Music in Witchcraft and the Occult: an Anthology

Music in Witchcraft and the Occult: an Anthology

Now available is a brand new book on the usage of music and musical instruments within the modes of occult ritual practices and witchcraft.

This can be the usage of music in ones own private environment of witchcraft rituals and/or the occult with its symbols and meanings and the invocations to tune in with the secretive and the hidden energies during live performances.

Presented in this book are a very wide variety of essays which focus in their own unique way on music and its place in witchcraft and the occult and vice/versa.

The articles are written by genuine practitioners of the Arte of Magick and who are active musicians with their bands and/or solo artists.

Articles are written by:

- Aaron Piccirillo author for Clavis Journal & Appalachia Journal


- Ilya Affectvs (of the band: Corona Barathri)

- Edgar Kerval (of the band: Emme Ya)

- Kakophonix (of the band HVILE I KAOS)

- Jack Grayle author of The Hekatæon, Ixaxaar.

- Jon Vermilion author of Asaya Ka Luxa & Zakael, Aeon Sophia Press.

- Keeley Swete and Jessica Rose
(both of the band She Scotia)


- Zemaemidjehuty author of The Book of Flesh and Feather, Theion Publishing.

- Ekki neinn (of the band NYIÞ)

- Abby Helasdottir (of the band Gydja)

- zenKOAL (of the band Brujentrophy)

Book specifications:

- 220 pages
- Black linen bound hardcover
- Black head/tail bands
- Black end-papers
- 148 mm x 210 mm book size

Limited edition of 200 copies. Comes with a CD.

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