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Mushrooms and Mankind, by James Arthur

Mushrooms and Mankind, by James Arthur

Softcover, 104 Pages

From The Book Tree:

For thousands of years, humanity has been involved in a symbiotic relationship with plants. Not only have plants supplied mankind with a never-ending food source, but have also served us in another way. This book uncovers the natural link between man, consciousness, and God. This discovery may at first seem abstract, wishful thinking, or even impossible; yet as evidence presented on these pages unfolds, one may find that its understanding does not require as much of a leap of faith as first thought. The author believes this to be the most significant discovery in the entire field of religious knowledge ever to happen in the history of mankind. Should people explore this knowledge, it may allow many to put aside their differences, and join in the understanding that each and every one of us may now experience that which has been, until this time, hidden away in the recesses of our spiritual history. According to the author, we may at last be able to open ourselves to an entirely new and valuable consciousness.
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