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(h)Aurorae, by Gabriel McCaughry

(h)Aurorae, by Gabriel McCaughry

Softcover, 320 Pages

From Anathema Publishing:

• By Gabriel McCaughry (Editor-in-chief of Anathema Publishing Ltd.)

• Preface (for the Paperback reissue) by Denis Poisson (Foolish Fish YouTube channel.)
• Afterword by Shani Oates (Maid of the Clan of Tubal Cain, and author of Tubelo’s Green FireCrafting the Arte of TraditionThe Devil’s Supper, The Hanged God, Wolfs-Head, etc.)
• Thoroughly illumined by the talented artist José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal (Handbook of Sacred AnatomyA Second Nature, and the forthcoming IAO.)


(h)Auroræ manuscript is, functions as, an occult text; it is technically not a book ‘about’ the occult. The distinction is important here: the whole concept, presentation, and perennial philosophy underlying the book aim at provoking a mystical experience and stimulating the Divine Inspiration of the reader, so that they, in turn, become Inspiration.


This manuscript is a mystifying, albeit utterly profound journey. Part ontological synthesis, philosophical rambling, magickal diary, visual grimoire, mystical poetry, revelatory/individuation process, and alchemical vessel of expression, the book exists under the umbrella of what the author refers to as Neoteric Heterodoxy. First and foremost, however, (h)Auroræ exists as an act of eternal remembrance.

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