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Apotheosis, by Michael W. Ford

Apotheosis, by Michael W. Ford

Softcover, 209 Pages

From Michael W. Ford:

APOTHEOSIS is the Definite Primer on Luciferian Philosophy and the practice of Magick specifically for the beginner or those curious about what Luciferianism is and how this path is similar and different from other traditions. Michael W. Ford has authored this book to offer a concise philosophical foundation for the neophyte seeking the specifics on Luciferian initiation. Edited by Timothy Donahue and forward by E.A. Koetting. 11 Points of Power & 4 Pillars of LuciferianismThe Sorcerous Words of Power of the Adversary3 Magick Keys to Ascent on the Left-Hand Path, How to summon & incarnate your Daemon, How to undergo the Test of the Devil’s Mask, Key symbols & Deific masks of Luciferianism, 12 core tools & initiations of Luciferian Magick, 9 most powerful ritual circles & triangles, The Origins and Truth about Lucifer, Satan, Yahweh & more
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