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a Book of Pagan Rituals

a Book of Pagan Rituals

Softcover, 164 Pages

From Weiser:

There are many reference books on elaborate pagan rituals but never until now a guide to the most basic of practices: prayers and offerings. A Book of Pagan Prayer provides the pagan community a comprehensive and thoughtful selection of prayers and shows readers how they too can create their own. After an introduction on why to pray, author Ceisiwr Serith explores how to pray through words, posture, dance, and music. He explains how to prepare for and compose prayers, how to address and honor the deities, and how to conclude a prayer. Serith also answers important questions, such as: Why should pagans pray? Should prayers be spontaneous? What are offerings about? Is all this just trying to buy the gods off? Gathered from many traditions including Celtic, Germanic, Egyptian, Greek, and Zoroastrian this guide includes nearly 500 sample prayers organized by purpose: for the family and household/ times of the day, month, and year/ life passages/ thanksgiving, grace, and petition/ as well as litanies and mantras. Whether offering a blessing, celebrating new life, safeguarding travel, or honoring the seasons, readers will discover timeless pagan prayers for worship, spiritual connection, and personal relationship with the gods.

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